Can Anyone Ever Figure out All the Rules to Fashion on a Global Scale?

I like to wear athletic footwear even though I am not an athlete. At least there is no stigma associated with wearing a nice pair of high-quality tennis shoes even if you have never even picked up a tennis racket. I see that athletic footwear is popular in other countries too. I was reading a tenis Nike article, which was an article about Nike tennis shoes for women. Google translate sure doe open up a world of reading beyond the single native language of English that I know.

Anyway, I saw that there is the fashion and the function of athletic footwear in other countries too. We have it here. There are certain colors that your wear with certain clothing the same as here.

It is kind of interesting the similarities of what goes with what as far as athletic footwear goes when it comes to women’s fashion. Here we have the funny fashion things such as not wearing white after labor day. That would not make any sense to a country that does not have such a holiday, but they still might not choose bright summery colors as the fall season approaches. However, if you live in a climate that is closer to one season than four, then the color faux pas might be to wear earthy tones when it is so warm still outside.

I will never figure out all the rules to fashion, and I really do not care most days. When I do go walking on a nearby trail for exercise, I do make sure my top, stretch pants and Nikes all match. And it is about not getting stares from women but looking pretty to the guys. Not being married or having a boyfriend presently, I have to not get the stares from my female peers while hoping to get a couple looks from nice makes. Oh the things we have to endure! My friend calls them first world problems, and I agree. Still, fashion is an interesting as well as annoying animal.