Lose Weight in a Way That Keeps You Working the Program

Mayo Clinic diet reviews I found online quickly convinced me to attempt the diet program. I’ve been overweight in a serious way for about ten years and finally decided that I would attempt to lose the weight in order to get healthier. As cliche as it sounds, I had a high school reunion that I really wanted to attend, but knew I couldn’t go in my current condition. It’s a running gag that everyone tries to shed as many pounds as possible in order to impress people you haven’t seen in years. Like any of us are going to look like we did in high school.

Still, I wanted to lose the weight. I needed a program that would work quickly. I wanted to see pounds coming off right away, but in a safe manner that wouldn’t cause undue stress to my heart or other organs. The Mayo Clinic plan seemed like a winner. It’s a two stage program. The first stage makes it so you lose a lot of weight upfront, but in a safe manner. The second stage works to make it so you shed one to two pounds a week. I wanted to give it a try.

I can say it works, and it works in an important way that many people probably wouldn’t think about. Sure, I lost the weight just like the plan described, and I’m continuing to lose the weight according to the program, but the reason I’m doing so is because of how it is structured. By losing so much weight upfront, the program gives you a thrill that you’re really making progress. It literally inspires you to keep up with plan because you’ve seen what it can do for you. I’m going to look really good when I finally roll up to that reunion!