Why Dating in Your 30s Is the Worst According to Women

Many women who have crossed the threshold of their thirties birthday are convinced that age is a hindrance to love. Is it really? Or is it just a consequence of widespread misconceptions and an attempt to defend oneself from heartache? Best Single libra women from Ukraine for dating.

? The peculiarities of dating at 30

If you are a single woman over 30, you probably have considerable experience of love relationships. You want to find a partner again, but for some reason, you can’t meet a suitable person. Men want quick development of relationships and Russian brides online, and it is harder for regular women to get their attention. Perhaps you are divorced or you have ended a long relationship, and trying to get to know each other but going on dates brings only disappointment. Or maybe you haven’t tried to look for someone yet or you have remained a widow and are not sure if you can find a person as worthy as your late husband.

To find the love for the second time (and for someone even for the first time) can be difficult at this age. Nevertheless, many people fall in love every day, and many of them manage to find a beloved person for the rest of their life. What is the problem then?

? What do women over 30 think about dating? This may sound tough, but most likely you are giving yourself false ideas about looking for love after 30. These misconceptions prevent you from contacting a potential partner, and in the worst case, lead to the fact that you are not trying to look for anyone.

1. All worthy men are already taken
This is what you will hear most often. Nevertheless, statistics show that there are a lot of single men. They file for divorce for the same reasons as women: the feelings faded, the partner cheated, or circumstances have simply changed.

Some men had underwent a painful experience in youth and can not recover from the blow for a long time and are only now ready to seek love. There are many reasons why worthy men do not have partners and are looking for a woman like you. Nowadays, there are more single people aged 30-50 years looking for a partner than ever before. So do not think that you are the only one for whom there are no partners left!

2. You think you already had your only love
Most often, widows think so, especially if they had a great relationship with their last partner. They are convinced that they will never be able to find such a wonderful man.

In fact, since you succeeded once, it may well happen again. You have already proven that you are capable of this. Look at your situation, on the other hand, understand that you can attract love, like a magnet, because of the energy that memories of past love give you.

3. Searching for a partner is too difficult, it’s not worth it
Dating is not an easy task, and at some point, it may seem to you that relationships take too much strength and energy. But this is only a symptom showing that you really do not believe in your ability to find true love.

If you believe in success, then you will understand that every man you meet is one step closer to “that one and only.” Sometimes you have to date more than 10 man before you finally find the one.

4. If he is not “10 out of 10”, you will not waste our time on him
After 30, the chances of meeting the Knight Prince riding a white horse get significantly smaller. You will have to get up from the couch and make an effort to meet new men as often as possible.

Finding a partner is a search of a large number of options, so the more you meet men, the more chances to find love. Will each of them be perfection itself? Of course not! Most of them will not suit you. But there is nothing to worry about because you just need to find a suitable man for you. Ideal men do not exist, this is a fairy tale. But you are not perfect either. Get rid of the idea of finding the perfect partner, or you will remain lonely.

5. You do not feel as interesting with him as with friends
Women compare the men they meet with their friends. Are they serious? How can you compare a partner and their girlfriends? Men are not like women, they are radically different. We are raised in different ways, we have different innate characteristics and inclinations, our brain is structured differently. Just because we have equal rights does not mean that we are the same.

Hoping to find a man who will amuse you the way your girlfriends do, you doom yourself to failure. Most of them will never be as sympathetic and will not be able to understand you as deeply as their girlfriends. But this does not mean that a man is not able to give you anything. On the contrary, if you find someone who really suits you, he will be able to enrich your life and make it brighter in a way not a single friend is able to.

6. All men are liars, traitors, and womanizers
This is usually concerned with those women who have already a few unpleasant relationships. We suggest thinking: are all men really like that? This is impossible purely mathematically! There are definitely men who do not cheat, treat you right and do not refuse to start a family.

If you convince yourself that all men are terrible, you will only see facts confirming your point of view. If you tell yourself that they are kind and great, you will surely find a lot of evidence for this. Try to look for examples of worthy men in your environment, and you will notice that there are a lot of them.

7. You say that you never come across interesting men
This can be right only in one case: those who say this do not meet men at all. Usually they are rather passive, practically do not get to know anyone and do not go on dates. It is not surprising that they do not come across interesting men.

For many women, polite men seem boring, and the “bad guys” are interesting. Yes, the unpredictability and detachment of the “bad guys” are often intriguing, we want to unravel their secret. It’s like it’s a challenge – will you get him? But such a man will not yield to you in anything, is not ready to change for your sake and is not suitable for a long-term relationship. If you are determined to meet only with the “bad guys”, get ready for the fact that you can break your heart, and the novel will bring only torment.

8. Today’s men do not want a relationship
Let us recall the fallacy that all men are liars, traitors, and womanizers. Again, such generalizations are groundless. Yes, not all men are interested in long-term relationships, but there are certainly those who are.

If you want to find your love, you will have to get to know a lot of men and weed out the wrong ones. To understand how serious the man’s intentions are, listen to what he says about his life and relationship. For example, if he plans to move or starts talking about plans that do not include you, he is not seeing your future together. If he says that he is tired of dating and short-term relationships, he may be serious. There are certainly men who would be happy to fall in love with you. But for this to happen, you yourself have to try.

10. You do not have time for dates and relationships
Women constantly say this to themselves. We know that you are busy. But you can set aside time for what you consider important. To find your love, you must make its search your priority. Find time on your schedule to meet new people at least once a week. If you can’t, then you really don’t really want to find your love.

To arrange a personal life, you will have to allocate time for this in your schedule. If you say that there are no many near you and you do not have time to seek them, this is your right. But in this case, you will have to admit that love is not so important for you. There is nothing shameful in this, because, in order to find it, considerable efforts and very strong motivation will be required.

? Dating tips for women over 30. We hope that the analysis of these misconceptions has helped you take a fresh look at the process of finding love after 30 years. But if to find relationships still is your goal – we suggest that you implement some changes into your thinking. Change the attitude and the love will come into your life!

Understand that the age is just a number
It is necessary to stop perceiving age as a barrier. If we oppose age discrimination in the professional sphere, it means that it should not exist when looking for a partner. This is true for any age difference, both upward and downward. You always need to give your relationship a chance. Perhaps this particular man will change your life!

Consider going on more dates
Decide how many dates you visit over a period of time, stick to the schedule. You may be going on a date every week or once every two weeks. Advancing the schedule is also not worth it. Respect your time and teach the partner this. Let him know that you have other activities. You need time to meet friends, sports, relaxation and recovery. Do not get hung up on dates, pay attention to other areas of life.

Remember who you are and what you want
Believe us, a suitable man is waiting for you. You need to continue searching and stay open. Do not stay with a man, just to be with someone. As Carrie Bradshaw said: “Always look for butterflies in your stomach, don’t settle for less.” You deserve it.