The new place is not ready to move into and it shall not be done until the middle of summer the way it looks right now. Eventually I shall have to have other stuff done, for instance I called a Suffolk county tree service and had them give me a price on removing a couple of sweet gums. Those are the worst sort of trees and aside from that I want to have more sunlight in the back yard for when the kids are out there playing. That is the big thing that is going to make it a lot nicer, but I have a big plan for the yard. I have already cut down a lot of little stuff while I was waiting for stuff to get here so I could do other jobs.

 In all the house comes with one and three quarters acres of land, but a good slice of it is covered in trees and I figure that I will slowly try to get rid of the ones we do not want to keep.

There is a really awesome oak tree in the front yard. I would guess that it must be a hundred years old at least and it provides a huge amount of shade in the summer I suppose. Right now the leaves are not yet returned, although a lot of the trees are blossoming right now. Leigh has decided that we shall plant a pair of tulip trees on each side of the driveway and I think that is a good idea. However I have to find the saplings at a reasonable price. After paying for the house and getting it ready for us to move in it, there is not any money left for many of the things that we would like to do.