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I am now helping some of my other family members with planning the funeral of my grandfather. It is kind of a sad time for all of us, but at the same time, I try not to dwell on the personal life. He had a long life, and instead, it is better to think about all of the good memories that I had over the years with my grandfather. I would like to get an estimate on costs for Jewish monuments in NJ as if it is possible, then I would like for my grandfather to have more than just the average headstone. He was more than an average person, and in many ways, he was a figure that was larger than life.

He definitely played an outsize role in our family, and influenced the lives of many of my family members, in ways that go beyond any simple explanation. As such, I would really like to honor his memory with something like a memorial, that is going to be a bit grand. He was kind of a modest person in general, so I don’t think it would appropriate to spend too much money. But at the same time, I really think that this could be a good tribute to his memory.

Of course I will need to discuss the matter thoroughly with my other family members, to see what they think about it. But first, I am going to try to find some more info, and maybe just some general notion of what the pricing would be like for such a thing. That would definitely be useful in discussing the matter further, if I actually knew something about the costs that are going to be involved, should we try to go through with the idea to get him a monument.