Adding a “Fan” Setting to Our Forced Air HVAC System

We have a furnace and an AC system that is connected to a HEPA filtration system and one of those fancy electrostatic filters. We are not always running the heat or AC, but we did not have a “fan” only option to turn on the forced air blower to take advantage of the high-end filter. It is great when cooking or other odors begin to fill the house. Part of the HEPA system includes ultraviolet and charcoal air filtering. We called our local HVAC repair in NYC to install the needed parts for us to be able to turn on the blower unit to circulate household air through the system when it was too warm for the furnace yet to cool for the AC to run.

Now that we have the “fan” setting on the thermostat, we can turn on the blower of the furnace that begins to circulate the air in the house through the multi-stage filtration system of our furnace. You could cook stinky fish and clear the air by just running the system for a few minutes. Trust me, this is beneficial when a certain uncle comes to visit us! I never liked using sprays to handle household odors. If a stink is in the air, the HEPA system filters it out. The “fan” setting lets the air move through the unit without having to run the AC compressor or use gas to run the furnace. It is an energy-efficient solution to purifying the air throughout the whole house.

Basically, our house has an air purifier that is built into the HVAC system. It constantly works when the furnace or AC system is running. Now it works by just turning on the fan setting. The blower activates, and the air filtration system comes on with it. It can even clear out cigar smoke smell in a couple of minutes. It is a pretty amazing system.